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Borce. The Aspe valley Ecomuseum: a stopping point on the Santiago Pilgrimage Route

Mairie (Ayuntamiento)
64490 BORCE
T. (+33) 559345765


In Book V of the Calixtinus Codex, written in the 12th century, the French priest Aymeric Picaud mentions Borce as the departure and arrival point for one of the stages of the Santiago Pilgrimage Route. Here, at an altitude of 800 metres, It is still possible to visit the ancient hospital of Borce which was a dependency of the Monastery Hospital of Santa Cristina of Somport, which at the time was known as 'unum de tribus mundi', one of the three most important hospitals in the world.

The Ecomuseum offers visits to this hospital and information about the history of the Santiago Route, such as how the pilgrimage began, the main reasons for undertaking it in the past and today or the conditions under which people travelled.

But this old hospital is the keeper of many secrets – its walls are carved with old graffitti including a windmill, human figures and others inscribed by the hands of Napoleon’s soldiers on their way back from Spain as the hospital was requisitioned as a garrison during the Napoleonic wars. Especially interesting are the remains of a 17th century bell mold, one of the best preserved in the Aquitaine.

A modern sculpture made up of 13 columns decorated with glass gives a contemporary touch to this traditional village. Borce offers visitors a peaceful rural environment in which to observe and enjoy. The bread oven, the medieval windows, the fortified houses, the church and the layout of its streets and squares all provide a wealth of quiet corners for peaceful walks and relaxation.

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